Easing Mental Anguish With EMDR Therapy


Easing Mental Anguish With EMDR Therapy

This therapy focuses on the scientific methods of bilateral stimulation of the brain. It targets the mid brain where trauma is stored in moments of “fight, flight or freeze,” and is a reminder to us that similar situations (or thoughts) could be dangerous. Your brain tries to protect you. EMDR can help control or eliminate your negative thought processes.  You’re one phone call away from relief! Have you been thinking about going to a therapist because of severe trauma or distress in your past? Did you know that even if your trauma happened years ago and you’ve tried counseling previously, you can still be helped?  Don’t give up.


EMDR is a unique three-part therapy that helps with past, present and future memories all at the same time. This healing includes “bilateral stimulation” and is used to activate the brain in healing and integrate dysfunctional stored information.  Things that happened in childhood that have caused mental anguish can be dealt with even when you’ve lost all hope of healing. Do you have negative memories or experiences? EMDR treatment helps you deal with those mental traumas in a better way.


By alternating left-right stimulation of the body and brain with different tones using headphones, you   focus on a traumatic event or trauma, or a physical sensation. While doing this, the left and right sides of your body and brain are externally stimulated in alternate sequences. The speed and intensity of this stimulation is variable depending on how you feel.  EMDR has been used for relief of traumas, anxieties, addictions, depression, and simple fears. EDMR Therapy could be the solution to your deepest and darkest memories, and could be the beginning of the rebuilding your life.


EMDR stands for “Eye Movement, Desensitization, and Reprocessing.”

Suzanne would like to help her clients find happiness in life.  Are you depressed or anxious wondering how you can get through the next day? Do you feel over-worked and under-appreciated?  Do you have a difficult maintaining your weight, managing your finances, coping with your own addiction or the addiction of someone else, or maybe you are having a hard time getting along with your spouse or a difficult teenager?  There is relief….The first step, which is the most difficult, is making the call to seek help and direction for a better life.

Suzanne Specializes In: Relationship Problems, Recovery & Strengthening, Depression, Anxiety, and Stress Management, Sexual Addiction/Love Addiction & Co-Dependency (women & men), Addictions (drugs, alcohol, shopping, etc),Trauma ,Personal/Sports/and Corporate Coaching. Clinical Training: CSAT : Suzanne is trained in sexual addictions from the prestigious IITAP institute and Patrick Carnes, EMDR (eye movement and desensitization and reprocessing):

Suzanne offers this processing technique for relief from traumas, anxiety, depression, addictions, fears, phobias, and test anxiety.  EMDR can also enhance sports and speaking/professional performances, Prepare/Enrich: Suzanne can help you learn how to build stronger relationships through communication and conflict resolution skill building.  This program is ideal for premarital counseling, marriage preparation, marriage counseling, and marriage enrichment, Suzanne earned her MS in Counseling Psychology from Palm Beach Atlantic University.

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