How To Combat Sex Addiction In Just Three Days


How To Combat Sex Addiction In Just Three Days

Sex addiction is a very serious issue, just as any other addiction can be. Like an alcoholic or drug addict, it’s extremely difficult to end the cycle of self-destructive behavior that leads to family breakups, financial hardship, and emotional pain. Naturally, family, friends, partners and likely the individual knows that there is a serious issue that has to reach its breaking point before everything comes crashing down.


Sex addicts should seek out professional help from a counselor certified in Sex Addiction Therapy,  if they want to have a better chance at recovering and addressing the problem. And to see results quickly, a 3-day sex addiction intensive may be the way to go.


What defines a sex addict?

Before jumping into an intensive, you may want to know what sex addiction exactly entails. Well, there isn’t one single behavior that can be linked to sex addiction. However, it can often be classified as an addiction if certain activities have taken over their lives such as: compulsive masturbation, indulging in pornography, having chronic affairs, prostitution, anonymous sex, and other similar activities.


You should employ help from a metal health professional certified in Sex Addiction Therapy who can definitely make an accurate diagnosis.


What is a 3-day sex addiction intensive?

A 3-day sex addiction intensive takes all the therapy of six months and condenses it into just three days. The sessions are highly intensive, thus it is for people who are very serious and committed to sobriety. During the process, you’ll participate in exercises that are necessary to combatting addiction and rebuilding relationships.


Why should you participate in a 3-day sex addiction intensive?

The 3-day intensive will help both partners deal with their core conflicts. For instance, for those struggling with sex addiction, he/she will collaborate with the counselor to develop a sobriety plan that works. At the same time, the partner will work on issues of fear, trauma, PTSD, and/or anger and setting healthy boundaries providing a level of safety. You relationship will benefit and you’ll both learn how to heal from the effects of addiction in positive and effectual manners.


Moreover, both you and your partner will focus on building a foundation of intimacy and trust. Building intimacy in this case is not about sex, but instead about forming a deep and real connection to each other. Through intimacy, people struggling with sex addiction will gain strength that will motivate them to avoid the cycle of destruction.


Successful partners who have gone through this 3-day intensive have gone as far as saying that their “marriage wouldn’t have a chance without it.” So if you are highly concerned about you and your partner’s wellbeing, a 3-day intensive could dramatically alter your life for the better.


Sexual addiction can be incredibly damaging to the life of the addict and the people around them. If you, your partner, or a close friend suffers from sexual addiction tell them about the 3-day sexual addiction intensive. The results are proven, successful, and completely life altering.


Find your local sex addiction therapist and ask them about getting involved with professional mental health counseling.

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