Intensive Counseling Services

Three day intensive therapy programs differ from traditional therapy in that they offer 3 complete days of private, focused assessment and therapy for issues that are personal and painful. Where traditional therapy is one session per week over many weeks, months or even years, intensive therapy is like six months of therapy in three days.


Intensive work on specific addictive behaviors and the trauma that they produce, as well as the trauma from which they are born, can uncover the options for living the lives that we truly deserve. For individuals, couples or partners, this can be a particularly powerful step in building a foundation of trust and peace that you may not have imagined possible.


The work is based on sound, evidence based psychological principles and practices for addiction and trauma work, delivered by a qualified, experienced practitioner. In most cases, you may return for brief but intensive follow-up. This approach allows rapid identification and processing of your issues so that you can continue ongoing treatment with your therapist or physician.


During our three-day intensive programs, either you, or you and your partner, can reclaim the life that your trauma or addiction has devastated. You will learn to recognize your triggers, understand how your behavior has affected your partner, and ultimately realize that you can heal together.  In addition, we have individual intensives for family issues and trauma processing both for those who have participated in the three-day couple intensive or those wishing to deepen their own personal recovery.


During Intensive Therapy, we work with only one person or one couple at a time, maximizing personal attention to the issues. Your issues are identified quickly and three-day sessions most often end in successful recovery.



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