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Why a Sex Addiction Intensive?

The Three-Day Sex Addiction Intensive was designed for those couples in desperate need to jump-start recovery from the devastating effects of sex addiction.

Recovery from sex addiction can be very difficult for the sex addict and their partner because of increased shame and a very poor, unclear recovery path – even from those therapists trained in sex addiction.

With the three-day intensive will be INTENSE! – This is six months of therapy in three days.  You will be in session each day and assigned homework or meetings at night.  You will be very busy.  It is a requirement to stay in a local hotel – no TV – no electronics, except for emergency calls.

Three-Day Intensives are psychotherapy sessions that are designed to get to the heart of the issues quickly, receive concentrated focus, and push for recovery that is both achievable and lasting.

Intensives are designed to dig deeply into issues that have contributed to your present situation.  Revelations of additional sexual behavior, long-held secrets, trauma from childhood, and other issues are common during intensives.  Strong emotions are often the result.

You can expect to experience a wide range of emotions during the intensive, both positive and negative.  There is a good possibility you will be reconnecting with past wounds and trauma that bring a flood of emotion to the present.

Our goal is to help you to process the pain and emotions in a safe and healthy way, connect intimately (in an emotional way), and direct you on a path of healing and restoration.

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