3 Day Intensives

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Orlando Intensive Counseling Services offers Three-Day Intensives that are specific to the recovery needs of clients. Intensives are offered for both individuals and couples. If you are in a committed relationship, it is strongly recommended you come to the intensive together as a couple. We believe that sex addiction does not mean the end of a marriage. If you and your partner are wholeheartedly willing to heal and go through the recovery process, we believe that most marriages can survive, heal and thrive in recovery.

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  • Trauma Intensive Therapy

    by Suzanne Rucker | February 8, 2016 |
    Trauma Intensive TherapyConcentrated Individual Healing of Trauma...
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    Sex Addiction 3 Day Intensives

    by Suzanne Rucker | February 8, 2016 |
    Sex Addiction 3 Day Intensives...
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