Trauma Intensive Therapy

Trauma Intensive Therapy

Concentrated Individual Healing of Trauma


What is Emotional & Psychological Trauma?

It is the result of extraordinarily stressful events that shatter your sense of security, making you feel helpless and vulnerable.


An Event will most likely lead to Trauma if:

It happened unexpectedly

You were unprepared for it

You felt powerless to prevent it

It happened repeatedly

Someone was intentionally cruel

It happened in Childhood


“I don’t know what I would do if it hadn’t been for Suzanne and her guidance through EMDR. I would highly recommend it for anyone who would like to be free from their trauma and pain”


EMDR Therapy helps to Eliminate:

Insomnia or Nightmares

Being Startled Easily

Racing Heartbeat/Anxiety

Aches, Pains, Fatigue

Difficulty Concentrating

Edginess, Agitation and Anger Outbursts

Muscle Tension and Headaches

Trauma from Infidelity


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