Sex Addiction 3 Day Intensives

Sex Addiction 3 Day Intensives

sex-addiction-300x225Orlando Intensive Counseling Services offers Three-Day Intensives that are specific to the recovery needs of clients. Intensives are offered for both individuals and couples. If you are in a committed relationship, it is strongly recommended you come to the intensive together as a couple.

Has your compulsive sexual behavior worn you out? Are you tired of sneaking around worrying about getting caught? Have you made attempts to stop, promising yourself or your spouse “this is the last time?” Are you tired of lying and the damage this behavior has inflicted on your partner? Are you wondering if your relationship has any chance of survival?

We believe that sex addiction does not mean the end of a marriage. If you and your partner are wholeheartedly willing to heal and go through the recovery process, we believe that most marriages can survive, heal and thrive in recovery. Our treatment process is different from some others in that a stated goal of our process is to tear down the old and build a new, sober, healthy, intimate relationship. It can be done!

in the relationship for both the husband and the wife.

Three-Day Intensives are not for everyone. This intensive is not a three-day cure - no such thing.

The intensive is designed to be three days of hard work and understanding that will help you get to the root of your addiction, strip away the barriers that have kept you in your addiction, and put your life and relationship on the road to recovery and health. These three days of demanding and concentrated hard work address issues that may otherwise take a year or more of therapy for the same results.

This intensive is very rigorous. In fact, it may be the most rigorous short-term treatment program of its kind. We are very selective in accepting couples into this program because we want to make sure a Three-Day Intensive is the appropriate treatment choice for you.

If you are looking for a quick and easy fix to a problem that you have developed over many years, you need to keep looking. This program is not for you. We work with only highly motivated individuals and couples who are ready to do whatever it takes to put an end to all acting out behaviors right now, and submerge themselves in the difficult but rewarding process of rebuilding a new and healthy relationship.

Couples and Individual Sessions

Intensives consist of a combination of couples and individual sessions. We have sessions each morning and each afternoon. Assignments are given to work on each evening. Additionally, there are mandatory 12-step meetings that the couple attends each evening. As the name implies, the three days you spend at Orlando Intensive Counseling Services will be intense.

If you are married, we will only consider you for an Intensive if you come and work as a couple. A major focus of our work is on seeing relationships restored. This cannot be done unless we have both partners present.

The focus of these Intensives will be on:

Equipping the sexually compulsive individual with the tools he or she needs to develop new thoughts and behavior patterns to maintain sobriety from a long pattern of destructive thoughts and behaviors. Many of our clients are able to stop all compulsive thoughts and addictive sexual behaviors permanently. This is our goal so that the individual and the relationship can survive and be healthy. We will do everything in our power to help you achieve that goal.

The second focus of Intensives is to lead the husband and wife in a process that can ultimately lead to restoration of trust in the relationship.

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