3-day Sex Addiction Intensive Testimonials

It was very eye opening and informative. Yet, it was a comfortable setting propelled by the idea of renewal and the releasing of my skeletons, rather than interrogation.

The three-day intensive was very eye opening for me as far as understanding my husband’s addiction. I went into it with no hope at all and no understanding of sex addiction. I came out with more of an understanding of my husband’s disease and hope that if he follows the advice, he will be able to live a healthy life in the future.


I had never heard of this program until I met my Suzanne. I wish that we had heard or known about this program sooner. I wish there was a way to get the knowledge of this program out there more. A lot of couples would be helped.

I found that every part of the process was import and necessary. Everything we did with Suzanne served a purpose.

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