Testimonials – What My Clients say.

In taking responsibility for my life, I decided to start therapy with Suzanne Rucker, whom I believe God sent to me. He has used her to help me heal. It was a painful process – but OH SO WORTH IT!!!! I knew that God was calling me to deal with my past – so that I could inspire others and live my “best life”. Because of this process, I have changed my way of thinking. Instead of being depressed, feeling intense shame and trying to be “perfect”, I am becoming a happy, healed, and whole person. I am thankful for my negative experiences, because it has allowed me to love who I am – a loving, bright, authentic, inspirational, and empathetic human being. I know that God will always bring good out of bad. My hope is to be an inspiration to others who have been through what I have been through – and to give them hope. Suzanne Rucker has played a key role in helping me become the person I want to be – through therapy. I will truly forever be grateful for her. She is an angel to me, sent from God above.

I have needed counseling since I was nine.  I started with my first counselor when I was 18.  Needless to say, there have been many people in my life that have tried to bring healing into my troubled past.  It wasn’t until I met Suzanne Rucker that I truly felt the power of the Holy Spirit change my life.  God used her as a vessel to bring healing in places that I didn’t even know were damaged.  She guided me to assess my addictions, marriage, parenting, and role as a pastor’s wife.  Basically I thought I needed to be available to all people, all the time, with all that I had.   Suzanne is a safe place for anyone by helping to develop insight, strategies, and real healing with Jesus.  She is a gift that God placed in my lap

Suzanne Rucker is an amazing lady.  I came to her broken, going through a divorce and depressed.  We worked through my issues with EMDR.  It is very unique and effective, and along with counsel and prayer I am whole again.  I have referred Suzanne to many of my friends because she is genuine, and they all love her as much as I do. I am a work in progress, still experiencing lifes ups and downs, however, thanks to Suzanne, I feel stronger and better equipped to deal with whatever comes my way.   She became my friend and I am blessed that God placed this angel in my life.

I came to Suzanne when I was on the brink of having an emotional break-down after the end of a long term relationship. I was lost and scared and really had no idea where to go or how to heal. All I knew was I could not continue in my current level of pain and something had to change. Suzanne provided me a safe therapeutic environment where I could reveal my deepest and darkest secrets. Through our sessions, she provided me guidance, patience, honesty and compassion. Suzanne taught me how to look deeper into my thought and feelings and forgive myself for my past and embrace my future. Through her knowledge, gentle guidance and therapeutic exercises, I have rediscovered my true value as a person which is the greatest of gifts. I leave each session with focus and the resources to take care and love myself in ways that otherwise would have never been possible before. There are not enough words to express my sincere gratitude for her work, effort and wisdom she has provided. My life has forever been changed for the better because of you. Thank you!

I was certain I was beyond help. I had experienced too many ineffective counselors with ineffective methods over the past thirty years to open myself up yet another time for ineffective results. My life continued to spin out of control until, in a moment of desperation, I called. And in the year that followed, that little card became my own personal “get out of jail free” card—literally—as slowly, with (sometimes tough) love, fierce dedication, and the credibility of having conquered her own demons and the willingness to come out willing to help others on the other side, Suzanne brought me closer to freedom than I’ve ever been and hopeful that the best is yet to come. Suzanne’s unique ability to accept nothing less than a client’s personal best, while loving through those times that are anything but, is nothing short of miraculous. EMDR therapy, in her skillful hands, has brought my trauma-shattered pieces together to achieve healing, wholeness, and hope long after I had given up on such things. Not everyone is worthy of hearing–and healing–our stories, but Suzanne is one of those rare, gifted people who truly is.

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